Fine. Splendid. Sublime: the Greek word “agavos” decribes, why we’ve fallen in love with Mexico and it’s finest products.


Tequila Negro Zafiro

The black sapphire among the tequilas: it’s different, splendid, and mild. Most of all it’s 100% blue agave.

Mezcal Derrumbes

Discover 6 different tastes: a thrilling journey through different regions, terroirs, and agave families.

Mezcal Los Potrillos

A double distilled Mezcal made from 100% weber agave: full body, hint of lemon and caramel.

Snack Corn

The new snack trend for bars, it’s addictive: a specially popped corn in various tastes. The result: a really amazing snack you just can’t resist.

Gold Honey "Miel Oro"

Taste thousands of years of tradition in four expressive honey flavors. A family production with special care and sustainability.


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